After finding the treasure and bombs, the rebels opened the cargo bay's outer door. Having disabled the conveyor belts, Ezra ordered his team to get the Y-Wings back to the Rebellion. Using the Force, Ezra leaped towards Sabine and clung on to her. Ezra, along with Hera and Sabine, later participated in a mission provided byFulcrum, Hera's secret contact and a key leader of the underground Rebel network. Ezra And Sabine Were Kick Out Of The Rebellion And Go To Clan Wren. It also temporarily fused Ezra and Mauls minds, and in trying to sever the force connection allowed Ezra to discover the World Between Worlds. Ezra also sought to discover the key to destroying the Sith. After failing to escape the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister at the abandoned Republic medical station, Ezra Bridger and his friends are captured by the Inquisitors. * (Will be continued), Ch3 (A Lasat Vers2 - P1) - After hearing about a Jedi and a Lasat stealing crates from the Capital, Ezra makes it his mission to find them. While Chopper befriended them, the rebels flew back to Lothal with the intention selling the stowaways along with the disruptors to Vizago, but unknown to them, the Alderaanian senator Bail Organa sent the two droids on the same secret mission to prevent the T-7 s from falling into Imperial hands. Though Gina Carano will not be returning to reprise her role of Cara Dune, fans are hoping to learn more about what became of the character. Sure enough, he did so just as Lyste and the others regain their senses, prompting the Imperials to see if she was all right. Hiding from the Empire, and making the Rebel movement less trackable. Before they could proceed with the mission, Ezra began seeing visions of Maul in the Chopper Base command center. Star wars rebels fanfiction ezra is a grey jedi. Commander Sato managed to send a distress signal before the corvette lost all power and was dragged into the ventral hangar of the Interdictor and boarded by Imperial forces, who took them, prisoner. The entire council is shocked by the message stating that the Jedi Order fell "They're from the future", and that last bit of information put everything in place. Ezra was separated from his companions, who pursued the Eighth Brother. However, Kalani refused to accept victory on the grounds that the dilapidated state of his droid forces had prevented a fair fight. The Ghost Crew rescued Cham and Numa from being pursued by Imperial forces and evacuated them and their Blurrg steeds aboard the Ghost. Smiling, she leans up and kisses him. Kanan apologized for holding her training back while Sabine apologized for her attitude. The boy immediately participated in the ritual designed by Chava to guide her and Gron to their world but noticed Zeb remaining distant as if he did not want any part of it. Returning to the Ghost, Padawan and droid found Hondo among the rebels and discovered that the Phantom's autopilot had been programmed to return to its mothership. ), leading into the upcoming Ahsoka series. While imprisoned aboard Kallus' Star Destroyer, the Lawbringer, Ezra was able to open the holocron he stole, allowing it to play a message from Obi-Wan Kenobi warning all Jedi who survived the Great Jedi Purge at the end of the Clone Wars about the collapse of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Empire. Its evident that showrunner Jon Favreau and executive producer Dave Filoni are gearing up for the big surprise of Ezra Bridger, Thrawn, and potentially more Rebels characters like Sabine Wren making their live-action appearance (finally! An alternate of Episode IV: A New Hope, based on the crush Luke had on Leia before . WARNING: Sequel to Take Me Home *Enter Zeb. Star Wars Rebels Conquering The Darkness Ezra sat in the gunner's chair in the Ghost. Ezras casual use of his force talents caught the attention of Kanan Jarrus, captain of the ship Ghost, after the street rat stole some Imperial cargo the crew was set on liberating for themselves. Realizing that Rex was a Clone Trooper, Kalani was determined to finish the Clone Wars as a victory for the Separatist Droid Army. Kanan informed Hera that the rebels had not found new proton bombs but had found a new transport for the Ghost. Their ensuing daring escape goes wrong, leaving Ezra in the hands of the Empire all alone. Ezra's training was found difficult for him and Kanan since the latter knew very little about the ways of the Jedi, as his training was never completed when the fall of the Jedi Order occurred. Please consider turning it on! Pretty soon, the entire carrier was evacuated, and Sabine and Zeb had Numa and Gobi in custody after taking them out with a rigged mouse droid. Ezra and the other rebels listened as AP-5 began to recount the incident before Zeb playfully muzzled him. While Phoenix Home evacuated the stolen Y-Wings, Hera and Kanan traveled on the Ghost into the depths of Yarma's atmosphere. Sort by: Hot. However, this activated the four other Sentry Droids which pursued the recovery team back to the cargo bay. Ezra was too distracted by the Purrgil to concentrate on the briefing and attempted to tell Hera that the Purrgil were interested in the gas, but the captain told him to focus on his mission. Chopper issued a belated warning about the slip-in, for which Ezra sarcastically thanked the droid. However, Ahsoka pointed out to him that if he saved Kanan, it would change history and result in the rest of the rebels' deaths. Fortunately, he also assisted the Rebels in finding a new system for their base: Atollon. Attempting to rescue him, the Ghost crew split into teams, with Ezra and Kanan working apart from the others due to their imminent departure for Malachor. Ezra and Chopper managed to escape aboard but Sabine struggled with Saxon, who was determined to kill her. However, Saxon did not believe Ezra and fired shots around Chopper to force his cooperation. Instead, she got Chopper to plant explosives all over the building to create a distraction; something that surprised Ezra. Shortly later, Ezra and his fellow rebels were attacked by several Rodian Mining Guild guards. Fortunately, Sabine triumphed without aid, and Saxon was killed by Ursa when he attempted to shoot Sabine in the back. Ezra openly questioned Zeb's decision in the presence of the other team members. When the third Dismantler Droid attacked Chopper, Sabine, and Zeb, Rex went back to rescue them. When Sabine loses her memory, Ezra's world turns upside down. Puzzled on what kind of trouble the Rodian was in, Ezra headed back to his tower to think about it until he heard his parents' voices calling out to him through the Force and realized what the only place he could find Tseebo was: his shuttered family home. Calvin Davis, a new member, comes to the rebellion and the Ghost Crew. The two look at Anakin as the Holocron closes and returns to the bench. As he listened to the multiple voices that came through, he listened to the Force. However, the enormous power of the Dark Side became too much for him that he collapsed. Later, as the Sister interrogated the young Jedi about the rebel fleet and Ahsoka, the Brother returned with a captured Sabine. Luckily, Hera had some good news. we're at the Jedi temple on Coruscant." Reluctant, the green alien instructed him to find Malachor before leaving. For the mission, Ezra disguised himself as a Scout Trooper. And then there's her close friend Wedge. (Story is better than what the summary says) An unbeatable Bounty Hunter, he was the mysterious oddity that anyone would pay anything if it meant he worked for them, and them alone. When Kanan suggested that it was no coincidence that Sabine found the Darksaber, Ezra voiced his opinion that Sabine might struggle to master the weapon given the difficulty he had learning how to master the Force and the lightsaber. "Hey" "Hey, yourself," the Twi'lek come to stand next to the Jedi. The latter reunion came after a failed supply run, which was thwarted due to the construction of an Imperial relay. Anakin is understandably unsettled by the message from Obi-Wan and is frozen in shock. It's at this point the Ezra realises that he has the whole Jedi Order hostage "the first thing would be to an end the rules against being a sentient being, aka the no attachments and emotions rules. At that point, Sabine returned to the camp. READ: Star Wars Writes Off Gina Carano Mandalorian Character. While contacting Hera at a large air shaft, the rebels found the Geonosian hiding on the other side. Ezra was fidgeting with a communications link he had recently stolen from a Storm Trooper. Before Ezra and Maul could escape, Kanan and Sabine entered the cave. Despite promising to spare his friends, Maul ordered his droids to kill the captives and made a second attempt on Kanan's life. Pedro Pascals Din Djarin is back in action, but two iconic Star Wars Rebels characters just got teased in The Mandalorian season three premiere. Later, Ezra caught sight of the Hound's Tooth and met the bounty hunter Bossk, who hired him as a guide to Ake's Tavern. Rau wanted to bargain with the Empire, prompting an argument with Sabine. The rebels agreed to assist Hondo and Azmorigan recovers their treasure in return for getting access to a shipment of proton bombs aboard the cargo ship. Ezra then advocated escaping but Hera counseled against it because there were too many guards. He joined the rebel crew of the Ghost . He also consoled Ezra by telling him that his parents will always be with him. Following the sparring session, Ezra joined Kanan and Fenn in pledging to help Sabine to fulfill her goals of repairing her relationship with her family and reuniting the Mandalorians. This "statue" turned out to be a new Inquisitor, The Eighth Brother, who attacked Ezra and his companions. A new d. Ezra is incredibly gifted with the force. The Phoenix Squadron believed they could steal that ship and use it to house all of their fighters. wrench, flashlight, droid arm, and a holo-disk). It was simple really. Though he fought to the end when the Empire attacked the royal palace, Lasan was lost and most of the Lasat were killed by a nuclear bomb. When Ezra saw the fractured planet of Concord Dawn for the first time, he asked Rau what happened to the planet. The rebels then managed to escape Brunson's light cruiser by badly damaging the ship with proton bombs. bungalows for sale beeston; golden . He came out on the other side, found Kanan, and set him free. Ezra chose Maul on Malachor, but he's still conflicted. Ezra managed to escape from his prison and using an Imperial helmet's transmitter, was able to listen in on where the Wookiee prisoners were actually being taken and heard the Rebels had come back for him. Born to the slave Shmi Skywalker in 42 BBY, Anakinwas conceived by midi-chlorians, the symbiotic organisms that . She was prepared to open fire in order to draw them away, but Kananobjected as they could not waste their fire-power and advised to let them pass, but she remained insistent. But then, Ezra dissapears and at the same time, a new inquisi A bunch of different family one-shots of the Ghost crew. When Saw threatened to shoot the Geonosian queen egg, Ezra countered that doing so would help the Empire to exterminate the Geonosians. On Malachor, Ezra lost a lightsaber, and found a holocron. Maul then rejected Ezra as a "disappointment" and left on his ship. The Ghost Crew and Rex agreed to help Saw complete his mission. With Ursa apparently unwilling to help, Ezra prepared to return Atollon alone, only for Sabine to volunteer to come with him; her courage and the reminder of all that the Rebellion had done for her family convinced Ursa to send a handful of Fang Fighters and a group of volunteers along with Ezra. Ezra and the crew of the Ghost traveled to the desert world of Seelos, but after exiting hyperspace, the Ghost was damaged. When only one of them disappears as well. While Hondo's omission of these facts solidified Zeb's distrust of the pirate, Ezra insisted that they could still work with him. After arriving at the Senate building using the sewers as a secret shortcut, the group was attacked by the Empire and they fled where they came with Trayvis in their custody. Ezra managed to maneuver his walker under one of the AT-ATs. Shortly later, the rebels encountered one of Hondo's Ugnaught crew members Melch, who had survived a failed earlier attempt to board the cargo ship. While Rex and Gregor are friendly, Wolffe remains hostile to the rebels. This development startled the Imperials, who wondered when the rebels began to take prisoners. Back at Chopper Base, Ezra was present when Sato formally welcomed Wedge and Hobbie into the Rebellion. There they discovered an ancient abandoned village, which they took as their new base. After Chopper picked up an energy reading, Saw forced Klik-Klak to accompany them. The crew decided to head to Lando's farm for help to smuggle them off Lothal. Ezra eavesdropped on a meeting between his master, Hera and Commander Sato, in which Sato suggested to solve both problems, and brought up a report from a cell of Twi'lek rebels on the planet Ryloth about an Imperial carrier orbiting their homeworld. My name is Ezra Bridger and this is a story about me living as if I was lower than dirt since I was 8, to the most amazing place on earth. Star Wars Rebels Characters + Histories In Star Wars Rebels, Maul's Influence Showed Ezra Bridger the Dark Side The Padawan's time with the former Sith, while potentially dangerous, would ultimately lead him to a better path. When Saxon and one of his men opened fire, Ezra lost his grip and was forced to ride on Chopper. The Ghost crew watched in pride as he departed with his rebel cell, and Ezra thought in his head on how well he restored an even better relationship between father and daughter, bringing new loyalty and respect for each of the two. Upon arriving, the two Jedi were greeted by Maul who asked Ezra if he found the Sith holocron illuminating. This would land them aboard a cargo ship carrying Imperial prisoners and a massive Kyber Crystal. Once inside the temple's sanctum, Ezra and Maul teamed up to reach the Sith holocron, which was nestled on a high altar. After rescuing Ahsoka, Ezra joined the rest of his crew ahead of the assault on Lothal. But He's Wasn't The Only One. There, he planted the holocron into the obelisk and was greeted by a feminine entity known as the "Presence"; who told him that the Temple contained the power to destroy all life. After eleven hours greeting any embarking passenger they were expecting the phrase from, Ezra discovered that the courier was a GNK power droid named EG-86, who had come with the cargo. Dropping down from the Phantom with Leia in tow, Ezra and Kanan took on Lyste and his men while the other rebels unlocked two of the secured ships and took off in them, knocking the supply master out cold. Anakin slowly stands and summons the Holocron to his hand. This left Hera and the rest of the crew trapped outside the bridge. When Ezra picked up a B1 Battle Droid's head and opined that the droid did not look dangerous, Rex responded that those "clankers" killed many of his friends. The exercise proved to be an opportunity for Sabine to come to terms with her decision to leave her family. Once safely aboard the Ghost, Ezra and Zeb met with Hera in the cockpit. Ezra and Sabine shared a jetpack with the youth clinging onto to Sabine for dear life. Ezra and Zeb found a crate of them, only to discover they had already been sold to the Empire. By then, Phoenix Squadron had completed the evacuation of rebel sympathizers on Mykapo. Fortunately for Ezra and the other Ghost crew, they were quickly joined by the Phoenix, which was carrying the B-Wing on its back. With training from illustrious Jedi like Ahsoka Tano, notorious space-pirate Hondo Ohnaka, and even the mad Sith Darth Maul, Ezra had several lifetimes of training thrust on him between the ages of 14 and 19. (ON HOLD) Zeb's plan involved the rebels, Hondo, and Azmorigan leaping from the Ghost's cargo bay into the upper hull of the cargo ship. Before leaving, Ezra vowed to return for his friend. Ezra objected to Saw's plan to take Klik-Klak off-world on the Phantom II and his electrocution of the Geonosian with an electro-shock device. Ezra attempts an escape from Fortress Inquisitorius. He was IC-13. They're gone." As Ezra's fifteenth birthday drew near, Kanan began to do better and become more strict in training him. Ezra and his team then traveled to a stone circle in Lothal's wilderness that served as Ryder's encampment. When Ezra get's the chance to escape his jailers, the Inquisitors, he tries not to look back and in doing so he meets a Jedi. . When Commander Sato thanked Kanan, Rex, and Ezra for saving him and his crew, Ezra complimented Kanan and Rex's teamwork. Once aboard the Ghost, Ezra tried to tell Hera about the Phantom but the captain was preoccupied with getting the ship to safety. Ezra claimed that things were going well but Hera quickly deduced he had disobeyed his orders. The Grand Inquisitor only wants the young one alive. Holding her in a Force-grip, Maul urged Ezra to strike the Inquisitor. That time has passed. Since the reactor core was manned by Imperial technicians, Chopper instructed Ezra to distract them while the droid accessed one of the terminals and turned off the gravity, thus preventing the technicians from firing on Ezra. Ezra suggested flying with them instead of against them, that way they would not get bashed around so much or need to waste their power reserves. When the Rebels discovered the Phantom was planted with a tracking beacon by the Grand Inquisitor, Kanan and Ezra took the Phantom to the abandon clone base to lure the Grand Inquisitor and the Empire away from the Ghost while the Rebels delivered Tseebo into safe hands. The character made an amazing 180 during his tenure on Rebels, going from an egocentric street rat no one was rooting for to a hero fans could easily see themselves reflected in. Shortly later, Sato's CR90 corvette was pulled out of hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor, a prototype warship equipped with four gravity well projectors. Ezra can't undo the things he's done, but he can stop his past from ruining the future. At least six months have passed since the mission on Malachor, and theGhostcrew have been struggling since Kanan's constant absences from duty, for his blindness has made very detached and he has been distancing himself from both his friends and the Force ever since. Once aboard, they were greeted by the Theelin crew member Gooti Terez and her human comrade Jonner Jin. After Ezra had loaded the fourth batch of proton bombs, a lightning bolt caused the cargo ship to list towards the vortex. Ezra, eyes now opened to Saw's lack of ethics, took them with him, Sabine, and Chopper as the Ghost arrived to pick them up. This surprised the boy, but Yoda counseled him that it was a lifelong challenge to prevent fear from bending into anger. He smiled softly as Hera approached him, her hands resting on her swollen belly. Though outnumbered, the Ghost crew split up with Kanan leading Zeb and Sabine into holding off the Stormtroopers, whilst Hera and Ezra brought Trayvis to another exit, which turned out to be a dead end. The Jedi can die." One of his greatest force skills the ability to sense emotion and connect with life forces around him also gave Ezra the ability to work with unsavory types like Hondo Onaka without being blindsided by the pirates penchant for stabbing people in the back. However, the attempted rescue was in vain when they discovered that Luminara was dead and her remains were set up by The Grand Inquisitor as bait to lure any surviving Jedi to their end. 3 years. Unfortunately, the boy still blamed himself for what happened to Kanan and Ahsoka and began learning the powers of the dark side by delving into the Sith holocron, thinking it would prevent any more of his friends from being harmed. This gave Ezra a chance to escape the building with Pypey. Ezra protested when Saw began rummaging through Klik-Klak's home. Hearing the alarms baring on the Phantom, Ezra and Sabine immediately drop out of hyperspace only to see a giant black hole drawing them in; thinking fast, Sabine takes the ship's controls and does her best to turn it around Ezra doing his best to help with the force. . In return for participating in the combat simulation, Ezra secured an agreement from Kalani to free Zeb, who had been designated as a hostage, and to give them the proton bombs if they won the match. Doctor Carther frowned.